C12 Marine Engines Crankshaft Main Bearings - Install Caterpillar

Crankshaft Main Bearings - Install
1.1. Installation Procedure

Installation Procedure

Table 1
Required Tools    
Tool     Part Number     Part Description     Qty    
A     2P-5518     Bearing Tool     1    
B     8T-5096     Dial Indicator Group     1    


Keep all parts clean from contaminants.

Contaminants may cause rapid wear and shortened component life.

Note: Apply clean engine oil to the crankshaft main bearings prior to assembly. Do not apply oil to the back of the crankshaft main bearing. Ensure that the tabs on the back side of the crankshaft main bearings fit in the grooves of the crankshaft main bearing caps and the cylinder block.


Ensure that the crankshaft main bearings are installed in the correct locations. Two different part numbers are used in quantities of three and four. The part number having the quantity of four is to be installed on crankshaft main bearings 2, 3, 5, and 6. The part number having the quantity of three is to be installed on crankshaft bearing 1, 4, and 7. The thrust plate is to be installed on the center crankshaft main bearing only.

    Illustration 1g01011722

  1. Install thrust plate (3) .

  1. Use Tooling (A) and install the new upper halves of crankshaft main bearings (2) in the cylinder block.

    Illustration 2g01011713

  1. Install the new lower halves of the crankshaft main bearings (2) in crankshaft main bearing caps (1) .

    Note: Crankshaft main bearing caps should be installed with the part number toward the right side of the engine. The crankshaft main bearing caps are identified by stamped numbers 1 through 7 that are located on the bottom surface. The thrust plate is used on the number 4 crankshaft main bearing only.

  1. Position crankshaft main bearing caps (1) on the cylinder block. Apply clean engine oil or Molylube to the bolt threads and the washer face.

  1. Tighten the main bearing cap bolts to a torque of 95 ± 5 N·m (70 ± 4 lb ft).

  1. Put an alignment mark on each cap and bolt. Rotate the bolts in the clockwise direction for 90 degrees.

  1. Check the end play of the crankshaft with Tooling (B). The end play must be 0.10 mm (0.004 inch) to 0.50 mm (0.020 inch).

End By: Install the engine oil pan. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Engine Oil Pan - Remove and Install".