C12 Marine Engines Front Cover - Install Caterpillar

Front Cover - Install
1.1. Installation Procedure

Installation Procedure

Table 1
Required Tools    
Tool     Part Number     Part Description     Qty    
A     9S-3263     Thread Lock Compound     1    


Keep all parts clean from contaminants.

Contaminants may cause rapid wear and shortened component life.

  1. Install the housing cover gasket.

    Illustration 1g01107700

    Note: Bolt (3) is a through bolt. Apply Tooling (A) to the threads prior to installation.

  1. Install the following items on the front housing: front cover (4), bolts (2) and bolt (3) .

  1. Install studs (1) .

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  1. Install the fuel transfer pump. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Fuel Transfer Pump - Install".
  2. Install the crankshaft front seal. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Crankshaft Front Seal - Install".
  3. Install the alternator. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Alternator - Remove and Install".