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General Information
Three60 Precision Control System [UENR4331]
Three60 Precision Control System General Information
Three60 Precision Control System System Overview
1.1. Systems Operation
2.2. General Information
3.2. Safety
4.2. Source of Service Information

The AVSpare Three60 Precision Control System® provides remote operation of thrusters and conventional drive trains using a joystick control. The Three60 Precision Control System consists of:

  • Powertrain Control that interfaces with current electronic throttle and quickshift marine transmissions with conventional propellers.

  • Joystick Control that interfaces with hydraulic thrusters.

  • Hydraulic thrusters. Currently only for pleasure craft.

The Three60 Precision Control System can be used in two modes:

  • Joystick mode: This mode allows the joystick to control the thrusters and the conventional powertrains.

  • Leverhead mode: This mode allows the thruster control panels to control the thrusters and the leverheads to command the conventional powertrains while the Joystick Control is in standby.

Systems Operation

General Information

This manual provides the information necessary for configuring and troubleshooting the:

  • Joystick Control

  • Powertrain Control

Specific engineering details and performance characteristics can be obtained from your Cat dealer.

The Three60 Precision Control System Installation Manual is available to facilitate the installation of the Three60 Precision Control System.


Most accidents that involve product operation, maintenance, and repair are caused by failure to observe basic safety rules or precautions. An accident can often be avoided by recognizing potentially hazardous situations before an accident occurs. A person must be alert to potential hazards. This person should also have the necessary training, skills, and tools to perform these functions properly.

Improper operation, lubrication, maintenance, or repair of this product can be dangerous and could result in injury or death.

Do not operate or perform any lubrication, maintenance, or repair on this product, until you have read and understood the operation, lubrication, maintenance, and repair information.

Safety precautions and warnings are provided in this manual and on the product. If these hazard warnings are not heeded, bodily injury or death could occur to you or to other persons.

The hazards are identified by the “Safety Alert Symbol” and followed by a “Signal Word” such as “DANGER”, “WARNING” or “CAUTION”. The Safety Alert “WARNING” label is shown below.

Illustration 1g00008666

The meaning of this safety alert symbol is as follows:

Attention! Become Alert! Your Safety is Involved.

The message that appears under the warning explains the hazard and can be either written or pictorially presented.

A non-exhaustive list of operations that may cause product damage are identified by "NOTICE" labels on the product and in this publication.

AVSpare cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that might involve a potential hazard. The warnings in this publication and on the product are, therefore, not all inclusive. Do not use this product in any manner different from any manner considered by this manual without first satisfying that you have considered all safety rules and precautions applicable to the operation of the product in the location of use, including site-specific rules and precautions applicable to the worksite. If a tool, procedure, work method, or operating technique that is not recommended by AVSpare is used, you must satisfy that it is safe for you and for others. Also ensure that the product will not be damaged or become unsafe by the operation, lubrication, maintenance, or repair procedures that you intend to use.

The information, specifications, and illustrations in this publication are based on information that was available at the time that the publication was written. The specifications, torques, pressures, measurements, adjustments, illustrations, and other items can change at any time. These changes can affect the service that is given to the product. Obtain the complete and most current information before you start any job. Cat dealers have the most current information available.

When replacement parts are required for this product AVSpare recommends using Cat replacement parts or parts with equivalent specifications including, but not limited to, physical dimensions, type, strength, and material.

Failure to heed this warning can lead to premature failures, product damage, personal injury, or death.

In the United States, the maintenance, replacement, or repair of the emission control devices and systems may be performed by any repair establishment or individual of the choice of the owner.

Source of Service Information

This manual is current at the time of printing. Changes are made to the manual for advances in technology and improvement in the state of the art when required. All revisions and design improvements are subject to change without notice

Individual product service bulletins are issued to provide AVSpare distributors with immediate notice of new service information. These service bulletins are distributed to all AVSpare Three60 Precision Control System distributors throughout the United States and many foreign countries.

For the latest information on AVSpare products, contact any AVSpare distributor or service dealer. AVSpare can be contacted on the AVSpare corporate web site found at Before contacting AVSpare, AVSpare suggests that you print the configuration of the system from the Three60 Support Tool software application. If you do not have the archived configuration file, contact the builder for configuration information. If you cannot contact the builder and cannot print the configuration information, then have the following information available before calling:

  • Transmission model number

  • Engine make and model number

  • Thruster make, model number, and the number of thrusters installed

  • Joystick and Powertrain Control software versions

  • Lever part number and modes of operation provided by lever

  • Joystick part number

If necessary, contact:

AVSpare Incorporated
Peoria, Illinois 61629, USA

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