UPS 750 Uninterruptible Power Supply Abbreviations and Acronyms Caterpillar

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Table 1
Abbreviations and Acronyms  Definitions 
AC  Alternating current 
ACI  AC Interface PWA 
ARM  Armature 
Aux  Auxiliary 
AVR  Automatic Voltage Regulation 
BBT or BBRG TEMP  Bottom Bearing Temperature 
BCC  Bypass Cabinet Controller PWA 
BFC  Bottom Field Coil 
BR  Diode Bridge 
C or CAP  Capacitor 
CAF  Comm/Accel Fiber optic (PWA) 
CAL  Comm/Accel LED (PWA) 
CAN  Controller Area Network 
CB  Circuit Breaker 
CIO  Customer input/output Interface 
COM  Common 
CT  Current Transformer 
DC  Direct Current 
DCI  Direct Current Interface 
EMI  Electromagnetic Interference 
EMO  Emergency Module OFF 
EPO  Emergency Power OFF 
ESS  External Source Sync (PWA) 
FAN  Fan Controller (PWA) 
FCD  Field Coil Driver 
FPU  Flywheel Power Unit 
FWI  Flywheel Interface 
GSM  Generator Start Module 
HVI  High Voltage Interface (PWA) 
I/O  Input/Output 
IGBT  Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor 
Contactor, Relay, or Circuit Breaker 
LED  Light Emitting Diode 
NaN  Not a Number 
NC  Normally Closed 
NEC  National Electrical Code 
NEMA  National Electrical Manufacturers Association 
NO  Normally Open 
PCC  Parallel Cabinet Controller PWA 
PCI  Parallel Cabinet Interface PWA 
PDAC  Power Distribution for AC Voltage 
PS  Power Supply 
PWA  Printed Wire Assembly 
PWD  Power Distribution 
PWR  Power 
REPO  Remote Emergency Power Off 
RPS  Rotor Position Sensor 
SCR  Silicon Controlled Rectifier 
SDAT  Serial Data 
SELV  Safety Extra Low Voltage 
SIO  System Input/Output 
SW  Switch 
TB  Terminal Board 
TBT or TBRG TEMP  Top Bearing Temperature 
TFC  Top Field Coil 
UPS  Uninterruptible Power Supply 
VAC  Voltage Alternating Current 
VDC  Voltage Direct Current 

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