9U-6701 Ultrasonic Wear Indicator II Program Module Replacement{4150} Caterpillar

9U-6701 Ultrasonic Wear Indicator II Program Module Replacement{4150} [NEHS0616]
9U-6701 Ultrasonic Wear Indicator II Program Module Replacement{4150}
1.1. Introduction
2.1. Viewing The Software Version Screen
3.1. Replacement Of The Program Module
4.1. List Of Undercarriage Storage LOC(ation) Displays
5.1. Other Words Displayed
6.1. Service


The Program Module in the 9U6701 Ultrasonic Wear Indicator II contains the software instructions that control the indicator operation and display.

The Program Module is available in different languages and can be easily changed, using the procedures in this publication. This feature allows the indicator display to be understood by users in their own language.

The following list of available Program Modules are in the order of Form Number, Language, and Software Version Number Suffix:

NEXG4525 (English) E

NFXG4515 (French) F

NGXG4525 (German) G

NSXG4525 (Spanish) S

NPXG4525 (Portuguese) P

The software version number installed in the indicator can be viewed without removing the back cover. Refer to "Viewing the Software Version Screen," in this publication, for a screen display.

When you order any of these form numbers, you will receive the latest version of the Program Module and installation instructions.

The label on the Program Module shows the software version number. If changes are made to the software, the version number will change. Refer to "Viewing the Software Version Screen," in this publication.

Viewing The Software Version Screen

The version number of the software that is in use in the Ultrasonic Wear Indicator can be viewed on the display in the following manner:

1. Turn the indicator OFF.

2. Press and hold down the LOC/MACH key and press ON/OFF to turn the indicator ON.

Example of display for English version

When the indicator comes on the software version screen is displayed as shown above. The examples shown are for the English versions.

Replacement Of The Program Module


All information which is stored in the indicator will be lost and cannot be retrieved when the program module is changed.

If it is desirable to save this information it MUST be recorded before changing the module.


The program module is packaged in a container to protect it from static discharge.

Before touching the module in the container, or removing from the indicator, be sure to discharge any static electricity in your body by touching a grounded surface.

Back view of 9U6701 Ultrasonic Wear Indicator with cover installed.

1. Remove six screws (1) from cover (2).

2. Remove cover (2).

Back side of 9U6701 Ultrasonic Wear Indicator with cover removed for access to the Program Module.

3. Locate small connector (3) near the upper right corner of the battery holder with two wires coming from it.

Separate connector (3) by pulling gently on the plug.

This will disconnect the batteries from the indicator to prevent damage while changing the program module.


Remove the Program Module with fingers ONLY by pulling up on the tabs on each end of the Program Module.

Do not use any mechanical tool to remove the Program Module or damage may occur.

4. Locate and remove Program Module (4) in the center of the large printed circuit board above the batteries.

5. Install the new Program Module into the empty socket.

NOTE: The Module and socket are keyed so it can only be installed in the correct (seated) position.

6. Locate the two bare pins which are still attached to the printed circuit board on connector (3) which were separated in Step 3.

Use a screwdriver or paper clip to short these two pins together for at least thirty seconds.

This will reset the indicator microprocessor.

Then connect the two halves of the two-pin connector back together until they snap in place.

7. Install rear cover (2) and replace six screws (1).

8. Turn the indicator ON and check for correct operation.

NOTE: Display will show "memory passed" briefly before start up display is visible.

List Of Undercarriage Storage LOC(ation) Displays

Other Words Displayed


For additional information or assistance contact the AVSpare Service Technology Group.


1-800-541-8665 Inside Illinois

1-800-542-8665 Outside Illinois

1-800-523-8665 Canada

1-309-657-6277 Outside North America


Outside of North America use Telex #404435

U.S. Mail:

AVSpare Service Technology Group
100 N.E. Adams, AH 9010
Peoria, IL 61629
Attn: Tool Repair

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