C4.4 Industrial Engine Refill Capacities Caterpillar

Refill Capacities
1.1. Lubricating Oil
2.1. Coolant
3.1. Fuel

Lubricating Oil

Table 1
Refill Capacities 
Compartment or System  Minimum  Maximum 
Crankcase Oil Sump(1)  5.7 L (1.5 US gal)  7 L (1.85 US gal) 
(1) These values are the approximate capacities for the crankcase oil sump (flat steel) which includes the standard factory installed oil filters. Engines with auxiliary oil filters will require additional oil. Refer to the OEM specifications for the capacity of the auxiliary oil filter.


Table 2
Refill Capacities 
Compartment or System  Liters 
Engine Only  7 L (1.85 US gal) 
External System Per OEM(1)   
(1) The External System includes a radiator or an expansion tank with the following components: heat exchanger and piping. Refer to the OEM specifications. Enter the value for the capacity of the External System in this row.


Refer to the original equipment manufactory for information on the capacity of the fuel tank.