C4.4 Industrial Engine Diagnostic Flash Code Retrieval Caterpillar

Diagnostic Flash Code Retrieval
1.1. "Diagnostic" Lamp

"Diagnostic" Lamp

Use the "DIAGNOSTIC" lamp or an electronic service tool to determine the diagnostic flash code.

Use the following procedure to retrieve the flash codes if the engine is equipped with a "DIAGNOSTIC" lamp:

  1. Move the keyswitch from the on/off two times within 3 seconds.

A flashing YELLOW lamp indicates a 3-digit code for the engine. The sequence of flashes represents the system diagnostic message. Count the first sequence of flashes in order to determine the first digit of the flash code. After a two second pause, the second sequence of flashes will identify the second digit of the flash code. After the second pause, the third sequence of flashes will identify the flash code.

Any additional flash codes will follow a pause. These codes will be displayed in the same manner. Flash Code 551 indicates that No Detected Faults have occurred since the ignition keyswitch has been turned to the ON position.

For further information, assistance for repairs, or troubleshooting, refer to the Service Manual or consult your Cat dealer.

Table1 lists the flash codes and the table also gives a brief description of the flash codes.

Note: Table1 indicates the potential effect on engine performance with "ACTIVE" flash codes.

Some codes record events. Also, some codes may also indicate that a mechanical system needs attention. Troubleshooting is not required for code "551". Code 001 will not display a flash code. Some codes will limit the operation or the performance of the engine.

Table 1 indicates the potential effect on the engine performance with active flash codes. Table 1 also forms a list of Electronic diagnostic codes and descriptions.

Table 1
Flash Codes for the Industrial Engine (1) 
Diagnostic Flash Code  Effect On Engine Performance (2)  Suggested Operator Action 
Description Engine Misfire  Low Power  Reduced Engine Speed  Engine Shutdown  Service (3)  Schedule a Service. (4) 
111  No. 1 Injector Fault       
112  No. 2 Injector Fault       
113  No. 3 Injector Fault       
114  No. 4 Injector Fault       
133  Intake Manifold Air Temperature sensor fault (5)         
141  Primary Engine Speed/Timing Sensor Fault (6)         
142  Secondary Engine Speed/Timing Sensor Fault           
143  Engine Timing Calibration Fault         
144  Engine Operation Mode Selector Switch Fault         
151  Air Inlet Pressure Sensor         
154  Throttle Position Sensor Fault         
155  Secondary Throttle Position sensor Fault         
157  Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Fault         
159  Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Fault         
162  Fuel Rail Pressure Valve Solenoid Fault       
168  Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Faul           
169  Low Engine Coolant          
177  Turbo Wastegate Actuator Fault           
185  High Exhaust Temperature         
197  Intake Manifold Boost Pressure Fault         
199  Glow Plug Start Relay Fault           
233  Ether Injection Control Solenoid            
245  Idle Validation Switch 1           
246  Idle Validation Switch 2           
253  Engine Fuel Supply Pump Relay           
415  Software Mismatch       
426   Machine Security Module           
429  Ignition Key Switch Fault           
511  ECM Power Supply Voltage Fault         
514  SAE J1939 Data Link Fault         
516  5 Volt Sensor DC Power Supply Fault     
517  8 Volt Sensor DC Power Supply Fault         
527  Customer/System Parmeter Fault       
551  System check
No faults detected 
(1) If warning lamps are installed, refer to this table. For installations that have electronic displays, refer to the OEM for information.
(2) An "X" indicates that the effect on engine performance may occur if the code is active.
(3) The operator should go to the nearest location that has a qualified service program.
(4) Schedule Service: The problem should be investigated when the operator has access to a qualified service program.
(5) These Flash Codes may affect the system under specific environmental conditions such as engine start-up at cold temperature and cold-weather operation at high altitudes.
(6) If the primary engine speed/timing sensor fails there is no automatic protection against reverse running. In this event, Stop the engine immediately. Turn the keyswitch to the "OFF" position. In order to check the correct operation of the sensor, refer to Troubleshooting, "Speed/Timing - Test".

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