C280-12 Marine Engine Model View Illustrations Caterpillar

Model View Illustrations

The illustrations show various typical features of a Cat C280-12 Engine and aftertreatment. The illustrations do not show all of the engine configurations that are available.

Illustration 1g03496518
C280-12 Right Side View
(1) Air cleaner
(2) Turbocharger
(3) Air shutoff
(4) Exhaust bypass
(5) Oil filters
(6) Explosion relief valves
(7) Oil mist detector
(8) Circuit breaker
(9) Control panel
(10) Engine oil drain

Illustration 2g03496519
C280-12 Left Side View
(11) Lifting eyes
(12) Crankcase breather
(13) Air starting motor
(14) Centrifugal oil filter
(15) Engine oil level gauge
(16) Engine oil filler
(17) Oil cooler

Illustration 3g03573896
Dosing Control Cabinet
(1) Service tool connector
(2) Electrical harness connection to engine ECM
(3) Electrical harness connection to DEF tank
(4) Electrical harness connection from CEM to dosing cabinet
(5) DEF vent port
(6) 120 V AC source
(7) DEF outlet to CEM
(8) DEF inlet/strainer
(9) Grounding stud
(10) Air outlet to CEM
(11) Air inlet/strainer
(12) Circuit breaker

The following pictograms are on the DC cabinet to aid in the interconnection of system components, and explain the lights and switches.

Air In - Compressed air in from its source.

Air Out - Compressed air out to the injector.

DEF In - DEF in from the main tank tank

DEF Out - DEF out to the injector.

DEF Vent - DEF Vent Port

Connector to Engine ECM - 23 Pin Connector

OEM Connector - 14 Pin Connector to main DEF tank (level sensor / transfer pump)

Connector to CEM - 21 Pin Connector

CAUTION - 100-240Vac 50/60Hz Electric Power Present.

Illustration 4g03576200
SCR Reactor Housing
(1) Reactor housing
(2) Lifting eyes
(3) Exhaust outlet
(4) Exhaust outlet NOx and temperature sensors
(5) SCR catalysts
(6) SCR catalyst access hatch
(7) Mounting feet
(8) Inlet temperature sensor
(9) Exhaust outlet NOx sensor
(10) Exhaust outlet temperature sensor

Illustration 5g03521539
Mixing Tube
(1) NOx sensor
(2) Exhaust Temperature sensor
(3) DEF lance
(4) Mixer assembly
(5) Tube

Information System:

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