C280-08 Marine Engine Product Lifting Caterpillar

Product Lifting
2.1. Engine Lifting
3.1. Aftertreatment Component Lifting
4.2. SCR Reactor Housing (CEM)
5.2. Lifting the Dosing Cabinet

------ WARNING! ------

Improper lift rigging can allow unit to tumble causing injury and damage.


Engine Lifting

Illustration 1g03469437

C280-8 Lifting eyes

Use a hoist to remove heavy components. Some removals require lifting fixtures in order to obtain proper balance and safety.

Illustration 2g00902989


Never bend the eyebolts and the brackets. Only load the eyebolts and the brackets under tension. Remember that the capacity of an eyebolt is less as the angle between the supporting members and the object becomes less than 90 degrees.

When it is necessary to remove a component at an angle, only use a link bracket that is properly rated for the weight.

To lift the engine ONLY, attach anchor shackles to the lifting eyes that are on the engine. The lifting eyes are designed and installed for the specific engine arrangement. Alterations to the lifting eyes and/or the engine make the lifting eyes and the lifting fixtures obsolete. If alterations are made, ensure that proper lifting devices are provided. Consult your Cat dealer for information regarding fixtures for proper engine lifting. Use an adjustable lifting beam to lift the entire engine. All supporting members (chains and cables) should be parallel to each other. The chains and cables should be perpendicular to the top of the object that is being lifted. Follow the instructions that are on the engine lifting warning labels:

    Illustration 3g01231066

  1. Use proper spreader bar, as shown.

  1. Attach two proper rated cables to spreader bar from engine lift shackles.

Illustration 4g01231042

The Do Not Lift films are applied to various locations on the product. Do NOT use these locations to lift the product.

Aftertreatment Component Lifting

------ WARNING! ------

Improper lift rigging can allow unit to tumble causing injury and damage.


Refer to the Application and Installation Guide for additional information on lifting aftertreatment components.

Table 1
Weight of Reactor Housing (CEM)    
C280-8 CEM    
1741 kg (3838 lb)    

SCR Reactor Housing (CEM)

Note: Remove catalysts prior to lifting the CEM.

Illustration 5g03501569

SCR reactor housing lifting eyes

Attach appropriately lifting equipment to the lifting eyes located at each corner of the SCR reactor housing. Ensure that lifting equipment is clear of all sensors and fittings prior to lifting. Do not use reactor housing mounting feet to lift the SCR reactor housing.

Lifting the Dosing Cabinet

Illustration 6g03493658

Dosing cabinet lifting slots

Insert the appropriate lifting straps through the lifting slots, as indicated, in the base of the dosing cabinet.

Table 2
Dosing Cabinet Dimensions    
1010 mm (39.8 inch)    
553 mm (21.7 inch)    
634 mm (25 inch)    
Weight without DEF    
95 kg (209.4 lb)