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1987/07/01 Testing Connecting Rod Eye Bushings When Overhauling Engines 1987/06/01 Twist Drills Available 1987/06/01 Features And Servicing Of The Various Caterpillar 3161 Governors 1987/05/01 Fuel Injection Timing Adjustment 1987/05/01 Serviceable Parts For New Fuel Ratio Control; Pressurize Control To Set Rack 1987/05/01 The Caterpillar Fuel Flow Monitor System Available 1987/05/01 Testing The Starter On The Engine 1987/05/01 Initial Start Of Engine Using An EGB29P Governor/Actuator After Filling With Oil 1987/05/01 Two New Self-Powered Digital Tachometers And Signal Generator Available 1987/05/01 Classifications For Marine Engine Ratings 1987/05/01 Enhancements Available For Marine PAR Program 1987/04/01 Identification Of External Terminals On Alternators 1987/03/01 Improved High Idle Display Of The 6V3100 And 8T5300/8T5301 Engine Timing Indicator Groups 1987/01/01 Use Heli-Coils To Repair 5.4" Bore Engine Rocker Arm Assemblies 1987/01/01 Fuel Injector Reference For 3500 Family Engines 1987/01/01 Fuel Dilution Troubleshooting Procedure 1986/11/01 Competitive Report: Caterpillar Cylinder Heads vs. Ghinassi Cylinder Heads 1986/11/01 New Jacket Water Heaters Have Longer Thermostat Life 1986/11/01 Check Oil Drain Hole In 0R2671 or 0R2621 Remanufactured Cylinder Heads If Head Used With Breather 1986/11/01 High Loads Require Additional Oil Capacity 1986/11/01 New Indicator Instrument Group Available To Measure Crankcase Blowby And Radiator Air Velocity 1986/11/01 Caterpillar Antifreeze Now Used And Available From Parts Departments 1986/11/01 Caterpillar Crankshaft Heat Code Locations 1986/10/01 Improved Damper Guard Used 1986/10/01 Benefits Of Using The Caterpillar Inc. Product Information System

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