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2013/09/12 A New Cylinder Head Gasket and Spacer Plate Are Used for Certain 3500 Locomotive Engines {1100, 1201, 7555} 2011/07/11 New Seals Are Used on the Power Distribution Boxes of Certain Petroleum Generator Sets {7426, 7555} 2011/11/21 New Seawater Pumps Are Used for C280 and 3600 Marine Engines {1371} 2011/10/06 A New Kit Is Available for Servicing High-Pressure Fuel Pumps on C175-16 Engines {1251, 1290} 2011/10/13 A New Metal Particle Detector Is Used with Certain 3500, 3600, and C280 Marine and Petroleum Engines {1308} 2011/07/28 New Auxiliary Sea Water Pump Groups Are Used on Certain Marine Engines {1371} 2011/07/01 New Accessory Drive Groups Are Available for Certain 3508B, 3508C, 3512B, and 3512C Locomotive Engines {1207} 2011/07/01 Improved Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Is Used on Certain Commercial Engines {1924} 2011/07/01 A New Clamp Is Used on the Exhaust Manifold for G3500C and G3500E Generator Set Engines {1059, 7553} 2011/10/27 Replacement and Adjustment Procedures for the Fan Drive of Certain Commercial Engines {1359} 2011/09/12 A New Bracket and Linkage Assembly Are Used for the Exhaust Bypass on G3612 and G3616 Engines {1057} 2011/07/28 A New Elbow and Clamps Are Used for the Oil Cooler Bypass Tube on Certain 3500 Engines {1307, 1307} 2011/06/08 An Improved Fuel Priming Pump Gasket Is Now Used on Certain Commercial Engines {1258, 7555} 2011/08/09 Radiator Fan Alignment, Fan Clearance Check, and Fan Belt Tensioning on Certain C15 Engines, C18 Engines, 3406 Generator Sets, and 3456 Generator Sets {1356, 1359, 1360} 2011/05/31 Two Clips Are Added to the Water Lines Group on C175-16 Generator Set Engines {1380} 2011/06/06 A New Flywheel Housing Cover Group Is Used on C175-16 Generator Set Engines {1157} 2011/10/06 Introduction of Radiator Protection Screen on C4.4 and C4.4 (Mech) Engines {1353} 2011/08/26 A New Wiring Harness Is Used On Certain Commercial Engines {1408, 1900} 2011/05/11 A New Check Valve Is Used for the Fuel Return on C175-16 Generator Set Engines {1250} 2015/09/17 New Cylinder Pack Assemblies Are Available in Sets for Certain C18 Engines {1201, 1216, 1225, 1239} 2011/06/08 An Air Compressor Support Bracket Is Available for Certain C15 and C18 Engines {1803} 2011/06/16 Prevent Water from Entering the Turbocharger Housing of C175-16 Generator Set Engines During Storage {1052} 2011/04/08 New Oil Pump Shaft for C1.5 and C2.2 Engines {1204, 1212, 1234, 1304, 1361} 2011/04/29 New Software With Increased Fuel System Pressure Parameters Is Available for Certain C32 Marine Engines {1901, 1920} 2011/04/04 An Updated Procedure for Manual Engine Shutdown in the Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual (OMM) Is Available {1000}

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