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New Hardware for Generator Box are Now Used on Certain High and Medium Voltage Generator Sets {4460} New Support Brackets for Exhaust Manifold Group are Now Available for Certain Cat</SUP> Engines {1059} Telephone Influence Factor (TIF) Rating on Certain 3500 and C175 Caterpillar</SUP> SR5 Generators {1404, 4459, 449G} A New Fan is Now Available for Certain 3512B Generator Sets {1356} New Charge Air Cooler Outlet Pipe is Now Used on Certain 3512E Pumper Engines {1071} A3 ECM Industrial Engines Hours Cannot be Updated Above 65535 When ECM is Replaced {1920} New Control Panel Hardware Now Available for Certain Generator Sets {7002, 7553} Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)/Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Intake Temperature Sensor Troubleshooting on Certain C7.1 Engines {107C, 108F, 1919, 7569} Software Update is Now Used on Certain 3500 Engines {1920} A New Elbow is Used on the Centrifugal Oil Filter on Certain 3512E Engines {1307, 1328} A New Fuel Return Tube Assembly and Mounting Hardware is Now Used on Certain C9.3 Marine Engines {1274} New Non-Contact Switch is Now Used on Certain 3500Engines {1078, 1408, 5736, 7400} New Engine Software and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Nozzle Group are Now used on Certain SCR Retrofit Aftertreatment Products {108I, 7620} New Manifolds for Water Lines Group are Now Used on Certain C280-16 Engines {1380} New Circuit Breakers are Now Used on Certain Cat</SUP> Generator Sets {1420, 4461, 4490} New Cylinder Pack Components are Now Used on Certain 3512C Heavy-Duty Engines {0701, 1239} A New Shunt Hose is Used on Certain C9.3 Marine Engines that are Equipped with a Heat Exchanger {1380} Real Time Clock is no Longer Supported {1901} New Preservation Process for Crankshafts is Now Used for 3500, G3500, and C175-16 Series Engines {1202} New Software Updates Are Now Used On Certain C9.3 through C18 Engines {1920} An Improved Piston Assembly and Serviceable Bushing is Now Used in the ESTAT Housing on Certain C175-16 Locomotive Engines {1214} New Aftercooler Inlet Cover Bolts and Spacers are Now Used on Certain C175 Generator Set and Locomotive Engines {1063} New Connecting Rod Groups Are Now Used for All 3600, C280, and G3600 Engines {1218, 1225} Improved Routing for Charging Alternator Positive Battery Cable is Now Used on Certain Cat</SUP> Generator Sets {1401, 1402, 1408} Washers Are Now Used on Electric Starting Motor Groups on Certain C32 Marine Engines {1453}

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