2004/10/01 A New Fuel Transfer Pump is Used {1256} Caterpillar

A New Fuel Transfer Pump is Used {1256}
2004/10/01 [SEBD9338]
2004/10/01 A New Fuel Transfer Pump is Used {1256}
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  • 3500B Engines
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  • 3500 Family Generator Sets and Power Modules
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  • Description of Change: A new fuel transfer pump is being used in 3500 Diesel Engines. A portion of the new pump housing is cast in a single continuous section. The former pump used separate sections. Refer to Illustrations 1 and 2.

    The mounting bolts for the new pump have changed. Refer to Tables 1 and 2.

    Adaptable To: Three part kits are available for the new fuel transfer pump. The 255-8691 Seal Kit is a service kit for the seals and for the gasket. The 255-8692 Repair Kit is a service kit for the gear and for the shaft. The 256-8766 Repair Kit is a service kit for the bypass valve. Refer to Table 2.

    The new 255-8113 Fuel Transfer Pump Gp is a direct replacement for the former 225-4260 Fuel Transfer Pump Gp. The new pump is adaptable to all 3500 Diesel Engines. Table 3 lists the serial number effectivity for 3500 Diesel Engines.

    Illustration 1g01106868

    Former fuel transfer pump

    (1) 5L-1761 Bolt

    (2) 3H-3243 Bolt

    (3) 225-4260 Fuel Transfer Pump Gp

    Illustration 2g01106869

    New fuel transfer pump

    (1) 5L-1761 Bolt

    (4) 255-8113 Fuel Transfer Pump Gp

    Table 1
    Former Pump    
    Part Number     Quantity    
    3H-3243 Bolt     2    
    5L-1761 Bolt     2    

    Table 2
    New Pump    
    Part Number     Quantity    
    5L-1761 Bolt     4    
    255-8691 Seal Kit     1    
    255-8692 Repair Kit     1    
    256-8766 Repair Kit     1    

    Table 3
    Serial Number Effectivity    
    (S/N: 1FZ02498-UP)     (S/N: 1GZ02126-UP)     (S/N: 1HZ02916-UP)     (S/N: 1JZ00785-UP)    
    (S/N: 1KZ01979-UP)     (S/N: 1LZ00775-UP)     (S/N: 3KD00233-UP)     (S/N: CTA00155-UP)    
    (S/N: 95Y01238-UP)     (S/N: 4TN00851-UP)     (S/N: 3ZW00611-UP)     (S/N: S2E00169-UP)    
    (S/N: 96Y02085-UP)     (S/N: 8KN00588-UP)     (S/N: 3DW00186-UP)     (S/N: S2F00104-UP)    
    (S/N: 97Y00749-UP)     (S/N: 2BM00188-UP)     (S/N: 1PW00443-UP)     (S/N: S2H00119-UP)    
    (S/N: 49Y01063-UP)     (S/N: 3DM00494-UP)     (S/N: 2FW00348-UP)     (S/N: S2J00141-UP)    
    (S/N: 50Y01845-UP)     (S/N: 7HM00270-UP)     (S/N: 1TW00362-UP)     (S/N: S2K00108-UP)    
    (S/N: 51Y00868-UP)     (S/N: 8EM00534-UP)     (S/N: 2GW00428-UP)     (S/N: S2L00205-UP)    
    (S/N: 27Z00875-UP)     (S/N: 8CN00212-UP)     (S/N: 3CW00258-UP)     (S/N: S2M00110-UP)    
    (S/N: 29Z01442-UP)     (S/N: 9AN00378-UP)     (S/N: 2HW00286-UP)     (S/N: S2N00107-UP)    
    (S/N: 23Z07954-UP)     (S/N: 6PN00895-UP)     (S/N: 4AW00918-UP)     (S/N: S2P00102-UP)    
    (S/N: 24Z10169-UP)     (S/N: 8RM00762-UP)     (S/N: 1NW00145-UP)     (S/N: S2R00112-UP)    
    (S/N: 25Z07106-UP)     (S/N: 7RN01960-UP)     (S/N: 8DF00192-UP)     (S/N: S2S00144-UP)    
    (S/N: 68Z01271-UP)     (S/N: 4GM00743-UP)     (S/N: 9WF00118-UP)     (S/N: S2W00102-UP)    
    (S/N: 69Z00897-UP)     (S/N: 6WN00803-UP)     (S/N: BCK00290-UP)     (S/N: S2X00182-UP)    
    (S/N: 70Z01080-UP)     (S/N: 6HN01720-UP)     (S/N: BPX00103-UP)     (S/N: S2Y00106-UP)    
    (S/N: 65Z01159-UP)     (S/N: 2JW00415-UP)     (S/N: BRC00160-UP)     (S/N: 3HM00015-UP)    
    (S/N: 66Z00955-UP)     (S/N: 2AF00404-UP)     (S/N: CAN00114-UP)     (S/N: 9WN00016-UP)    
    (S/N: 67Z02107-UP)     (S/N: 3LS00228-UP)     (S/N: CBB00247-UP)     (S/N: 4DR00008-UP)    
    (S/N: 71Z00406-UP)     (S/N: 3MS00233-UP)     (S/N: CBN00343-UP)     (S/N: 3JS00009-UP)    
    (S/N: 72Z00567-UP)     (S/N: 3NS00246-UP)     (S/N: CDE00313-UP)     (S/N: 2TS00008-UP)    
    (S/N: 73Z00975-UP)     (S/N: 5AW00138-UP)     (S/N: BRN00197-UP)     (S/N: AAG00006-UP)    
    (S/N: 2WK00087-UP)     (S/N: 2EZ00365-UP)     (S/N: PWG00129-UP)     (S/N: BAG00025-UP)    
    (S/N: 7KM00077-UP)     (S/N: 4BW00587-UP)     (S/N: S2B00119-UP)     (S/N: FFG00028-UP)    
    (S/N: 7SM01007-UP)     (S/N: 5PS00331-UP)     (S/N: S2D00115-UP)     (S/N: LPD00013-UP)    
    (S/N: CTB00200-UP)     (S/N: CTC00258-UP)     (S/N: CTD00217-UP)     (S/N: CTE00375-UP)    
    (S/N: CTF00266-UP)     (S/N: CTG00326-UP)     (S/N: CTH00318-UP)     (S/N: CTJ00200-UP)